Storefront Entrance Systems: Automatic and Manual

Longs Drugs glass automatic door entrance
Here at Automatic Door Specialists, Inc., we offer a wide variety of high-quality automation products for your commercial door needs.  Since we are an automatic doors contractor we sell, install, and service a wide range of manual door closers and door hardware.  We are qualified to service all types of pedestrian door lines and commercial doors in Hawaii.
Our Automatic Storefront Entrance Systems include:
• Sliding
• Swinging
• Telescoping
• Folding (Bi-Fold)
We also install Manual Storefront Entrance Systems and Swinging Manual Storefront Entrance Systems.

Storefront Door Solutions by Stanley

Every door package is custom manufactured to your specifications. The team at ADS works closely with your architect and or contractor to identify the best door solution to suit your needs, providing a range of automatic storefront entraces such as:
• Sliding Automatic Entrances - DURA-GLIDE 2000 and 3000 SLIDING Series by Stanley Access Technologies are the industry standard for smooth, reliable operation in every application form high traffic retail locations to upscale professional and institutional settings providing state-of-the-art technology with advanced engineering to provide the safest, most dependable and highest performance door systems in the industry.
Swinging Automatic Entrances - Powered by Stanley Access Technologies, our highly dependable Automatic Door Operators, the Magic-Force Operator works in both high and low energy applications making it suitable for supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, airports, office buildings, schools and many other applications. The Magic-Access Operators are low energy operators that can automate any swing door, new or existing. 
Telescoping 5200 and 5300 Series - These doors create greater clear door opening width while offering the same performance and safety features of our 2000/3000 Series Sliding doors. Available in three panel (left or right) or six panel (bi-parting solution) application to provide a greater clear opening.
Bi-Folding Automatic Entrances - Proven retrofit solutions that provide the owner full-door automation for two-way traffic. Stanley Access Technologies offers the SB600 Automatic Bifolding Door in two panel and four panel configurations with a variety of opening widths from 4’ to 10’. Door panels fold in or out for most efficient use. 
Walmart glass sliding door entrance

Certified technicians

All of our technicians are AAADM certified and provides one of Hawaii’s best installation services.
 Stanley Access Technologies
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